Otto is here

and he’s wonderful! You can see for yourself on the puppycam to the right.

Helen brought him down from Abydachs yesterday and he slept the whole time (3+hours). Well done Otto!

Otto fast asleep on the ride to London

He settled in right away, exploring the living room and balcony with his tail wagging. He’s a confident little guy but also very sweet and cuddly. ┬áSome puppies lose their appetite when they arrive at a new home, but not Otto — he practically inhales his food. We’ll have to be very careful about not dropping food on the floor and not overfeeding him. Knowing that he is food motivated (ie, a total pig) will make training him much easier.

Throughout the day he went in and out of his playpen, grabbing toys to play with, but it took him a while to go into his crate. Although he didn’t enjoy being put in his pen while we had dinner, he settled in well when it was time for bed. We braced ourselves for a night of howling but after a few snuffles he was quiet and stayed quiet all the way through til morning.

Using his stuffed lobster as a pillow

The two main things we’re trying to teach him right now are housetraining and getting used to his collar. He’s fully vaccinated so once he is OK with a collar and lead we can start taking him to the park. I can’t wait!

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