Cheapskate Throwdown: Round 2

After completely kicking Grimbil’s ass in round 1, I propose we try another round. This time the game is to see who can make 100 pounds last the longest.

The rules (yes Grimbil, there are rules and no you can’t change them halfway through the game)

  • We each start with 100 pounds in cash on Sunday
  • Shared items like groceries or utility bills don’t count, and are put on a credit card
  • Public transport doesn’t count either (one of us has an unlimited travel card the other doesn’t, so it wouldn’t be fair to include)
  • Any food not bought on the Sunday grocery run has to be paid in cash
  • Other incidentals like cab fare, drinks, magazines, etc also have to be paid in cash

Why am I going to win? Because at the end of the week I’m going on a business trip, so most of my expenses will be paid by the company : )

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