Cat hat trick

We scored a cat hat trick on a recent drive: cheetah, lion, and leopard!

First, we spent some time with a couple of cheetahs.

Then on to lions. These lions were gazing at a herd of wildebeests, which were staring right back. It felt kinda like a standoff in a western. In the end, the lions went back to sunbathing near the water (stopping to hiss at a crocodile along the way).

And the grand finale: leopard! Leopards are harder to spot than lions since they tend to prefer to move in the shadows. They keep to the forest and are generally seen in the evening. See if you can find the leopard in this pic:

We only caught glimpses of him but he was beautiful. And huge. Leopards are stealthy and opportunistic hunters — they’ll eat anything from birds and baboons to zebras.  This leopard had just killed a zebra and was out for a stroll to mark his territory when we saw him. 

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