Giraffe spitting

Last night at dinner our guide, Loderick, challenged Grimbil to a game of giraffe spitting. We weren’t sure if he was joking. Turns out he wasn’t. 

You’re probably wondering how one spits a giraffe. Turns out it’s the giraffe scat that one spits. As herbivores, it’s completely safe to handle giraffe poop. Case in point:

Loderick kindly went first to show us how it’s done. You pop the scat in your mouth, take a running start, and then fire away. 

Grimbil’s turn. Evidently the wind up is key. Ready, aim…


If you look at the top left in the pic above you can see the “giraffe” flying. We have the feeling Loderick was holding back and politely allowed Grimbil to win (though Grimbil did get good distance). Either way, to the victor goes the spoils. Loderick made this bracelet as a prize:

One thought on “Giraffe spitting

  1. Glad the two of you are sharing this adventure, including the spitting. Did Grimbel brush his teeth before he kissed you after winnig?
    We love the blog and looking forward to seeing more pictures when we next get together.
    Love, Dad & Gail

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