A more typical bull

Remember Steve the super-chilled out elephant? Well, while we were in Makalali we met a more typical musth-y bull. 

We saw him several times over our 3 days. The first time he was still pretty relaxed and just kept eating. The only way we knew he was in musth was the distinct smell. 

The next time we saw him, still no big deal. Loderick explained that the rest of the elephants were in the south of the reserve, so unless this bull started walking he was going to stay lonely. 

But the third time we saw him he was starting to get cranky. He was eating some trees and then huffed with his trunk, did a 180, and then glared at us. And then started walking straight towards our vehicle. 

Loderick simply backed out of the way and all was well, but it was definitely a different experience than watching Steve. 

When a bull gets fully into musth he actually starts to swagger, leaning side to side as he walks and draping his trunk over his tusks. This bull wasn’t quite there yet but give him a few days and he’ll be full on. 

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