Between 2 oceans

After our 3 nights in Makalali, we headed off to Cape Town. Cape Town is at the top of the Cape peninsula, with the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Indian Ocean to the east. We spent a day driving the 2 coasts. 

First stop: Boulders Beach on the Indian Ocean side. This beach is home to one of the largest populations of African penguins. 

Fun fact: they used to be called the jackass penguin because they bray like donkeys. You can literally walk among them as they lay there sunning themselves. 

After lunch, it was off to the Cape of Good Hope, where the 2 oceans meet. These baboons have a fabulous view of the Cape:

We hiked between Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope, starting at the Cape Point lighthouse. 

As you might imagine, the hike along the cliffs was quite windy. Thankfully the wind was blowing towards the land rather than threatening to blow us off the cliffs and into the sea. Grimbil rated the wind as not as bad as the Isle of Skye, but almost as strong as the Cliffs of Mohr. Still, we made it!

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  1. so glad you are enjoying this trip together now. For us at home, how about a comparison of wind speed to a windy day at Great Head?

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