Family reunion

This Christmas Grimbil’s family is congregating in DC, so we figured it would be a perfect time to bring Otto along and introduce him. Perfect except for the price tag: 1500 pounds just for Otto’s airfare! And no, that isn’t first class.  Given that Grimbil and I combined will cost about 1100, Otto’s cost is just insane.

Why so much? Because they (Virgin Atlantic) charge for pet travel by the size of crate, and since Otto is so long, his crate is the same size as one would use for a basset hound, chow chow, or border collie.  It’s the only time I’ve ever wished Otto were a mini. Why Virgin? It’s either them or BA, and frankly with BA’s recent track record of messing us around due to strikes, I don’t trust them anymore.

But every cloud has a silver lining: Otto will be spending his Christmas with his actual canine family! Helen, our breeder, will be hosting Otto for the holidays. This means Otto will get to see his brother Disney, dad Jeter, mom Inca, grandmother Cher, grandfather Gadget, and various aunts and half-sisters.  I have visions of Disney and Otto frolicking in the snow, Jeter teaching Otto how to hunt rabbits, and Gadget telling them stories of when he was a young pup as they all sit around the fireplace.

Here’s a picture of Otto’s litter from back when they were under two months old. Oh the cuteness!

I wonder which one is Otto? And which is Disney?

Puppy picking, round 2

Decisions, decisions

We’re heading back to Manchester on the 27th to see the puppies again. Helen, the breeder, says they are all full of character so we should get a good idea of their personalities. We’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and videos but in the meantime I’ve lifted some pics from Helen’s Facebook page. Commence squee!

Sleepy pudgy puppy pile!
Sleepy pudgy puppy pile

Crufts update

Yesterday was the dachshund showing at Crufts (the British version of Westminster).  Several of Otto’s relatives were there including his dad Jeter.  Within the standard longhaired breed,  Gadget (Otto’s grandfather) and Summer (Otto’s aunt) won the Dog Challenge Certificate and Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate respectively, and Jeter did well also.

Alas, none of the standard longhairs progressed further, but a mini wirehaired placed third in the hound group. Wire hairs are supposed to be the clowns of the doxie family, but their beards remind me of little old men  (long hairs are the laid back hippies).

Puppy pile

One of these puppies will be ours!
One of these puppies will be ours!

Today we visited Helen & Janet at Abydachs to meet their litter of beautiful red boys. We also met the puppies’ parents, grandparents, aunts and some cute mini long hairs as well. My hands still have that nice warm doggy smell.


Of the 6 puppies, 3 are potentially available as pets, and although that helps narrow down our choice it’s still really hard to decide!

Mischievous Otto?

One is definitely smaller than the others, another seems to be much more mischievous, and another will probably be very big like their sire (Jeter weighs over 30 pounds).

Snuggly Otto?

The smallest was also the cuddliest, snuggling up to our necks when we held him and licking my face.


The puppies were all really sleepy, so we didn’t get to see much of their personalities. We might just have to go back and play some more! Until then I’ll have to get my puppy fix from the videos that we took.

Meeting our puppy-to-be from Grimbil on Vimeo.

Puppy picking!

We’re making progress on finding our puppy! We have been talking to a breeder who has a litter of 6 red long haired standard dachshunds, all boys. We’re hoping to schedule a visit in March to meet their mom and dad and to PICK OUT A PUPPY!!!!!! 

Can you tell I’m excited? Expect lots of pics (the one above is a random one from the internet).

I think it bodes well that the sire is an American, like us, and is named after THE player on Grimbil’s favorite baseball team. Hopefully the pup’s cuteness will win over the Red Sox fans in the family.