Hot dog keepin’ cool

For the past couple of days it has been hot here in London: 30+ Celsius, which translates to a whopping 86 F. Yeah, I can feel the New Yorkers and Texans rolling their eyes at me.

Poor Otto isn’t accustomed to such heat. He’s shedding even more than normal and will probably trip over his tongue at some point. We’ve been giving him ice cubes in socks as a chew toy, which seem to be helping.

But evidently swimming in the pond and then rolling around in the dust is the best way to keep cool on a walk:


Perhaps because he knows he’ll get a nice cool hosedown afterwards.

Snowball, our neighbor’s cat, has been brazenly hanging out in our yard the past couple of days. We’re shocked to see that Otto just stares and watches Snowie for a few minutes before realizing that he could get up and give chase. Maybe it’s the heat. But eventually Otto goes from this:


to this (Otto is just visible in the shade between the tree and the trellis):

and then spends the next 30 minutes running around the yard snuffling and woofing madly before retreating to the cool of the house again.

Otto has surgery

Recently we noticed a lump on Otto’s right ear and spoke to the vet about it. The vet suggested we monitor it to see if it changed, and it definitely got bigger. So today Otto had surgery to remove the lump.

The lump before surgery

We dropped him off at the vet’s before work and picked him up after work. The surgery went well but since there isn’t any excess skin they could use to close the wound, they had to cauterize it.  Now Otto looks like someone put out their cigar in his ear.

Post-op cauterized Otto

No excitement or running around for the next couple of days, which means no doggy daycare (it’s far too much fun).  We have a follow up appointment on Friday and another 10 days from now. We should also have the results from the biopsy by 10 days. The vet doesn’t think it’s anything serious but better safe than sorry.

He’s still really woozy and probably will be through tomorrow morning. He didn’t even bark when he saw his nemesis, Snowball, he just kinda swayed from side to side and narrowed his eyes. Poor dopey puppy!

Otto meets the neighbors

Our house stood empty for almost a year so it’s no wonder that the neighborhood cats think the backyard is theirs.  Otto met his first cat last week, an all-white girl named Snowball.  At first he didn’t seem to know what to do, whether to approach or run away or try to be friends.  A lot of time was spent with either his head cocked or his hackles raised or Snowball hissing.

Guarding us against cats

I like to imagine Otto asking the older dogs at daycare for advice, what to do about these creatures that are clearly not dogs. Based on Otto’s behaviour now it’s pretty obvious what the other dogs told him: bark them out of the yard.