A matter of scale

The boys

As we may have mentioned before, Otto is a very large dachshund. He weighs 14.5 kg / 32 lb, and he’s about 0.9m / 3 feet long excluding his tail.

Since a lot of people have trouble picturing that, Grimbil and Otto kindly posed for some pictures together. To give you some perspective, Grimbil is 1.8 m /6 ft tall.

Grimbil acts as a yard stick

Otto takes advantage of being in the perfect ear-licking position

A downhill battle

Every breed of dog is prone to certain health issues, and for dachshunds it’s back problems. In order to protect Otto’s back we’ve kept him from going up or down the stairs and on or off furniture under his own steam. Now that he is over 8 months old (and over 20 pounds heavy), experts agree that it’s ok for him to start using the stairs.

We have a baby gate at the bottom of our stairs, and before the stair moratorium was lifted we had to be extra diligent about making sure the gate was completely shut or else we’d hear the jingle of Otto’s tags and find him sloooowly creeping up the stairs. So it was easy to teach him how to go up the stairs by himself. Now every morning when I open the baby gate and tell Otto to go get Grimbil, Otto goes dashing up the stairs and runs to our bed.

However, going down the stairs is a whole other story.

Trying to psyche himself up

We tried luring him down with treats….

…but to no avail. So for now, Otto still gets the “doggy elevator” on his way down.

"Please don't make me!"

Otto’s trip to Munchkinland

Sunday was the Dachshunds in London Race Day and Springfest at Hampstead Heath.  Otto and I made an appearance (Grimbil was busy kidnapping his brother for said brother’s bachelor party). The original plan was to enter Otto in the races and the sausage eating contest.  Alas we arrived a bit later than planned, so Otto was still making the social rounds when the races started.

Although we were too late to join the races they were fun to watch

We did try out the sausage eating contest, but Otto spent most of the time sniffing his opponent’s butt.

Other dogs focused on the sausages

As you can see from the pictures, most of the dogs were mini shorthairs. There was only one other standard, a wire hair. He was an adult, but at 4 months Otto was already as long as he was.

Nose to nose with the other standard

There was one other long hair, but it was a mini.  Pretty coat though.

Everyone commented on how big Otto is, and seeing him surrounded by all those minis it was pretty amazing the difference in size. And he still has those bear paws to grow into!

Otto with some fully grown minis.