Decisions decisions: dining room chairs

As posted previously, we’re pondering a new dining room table which of course means we will also need new chairs. The chairs are proving even harder to choose than the table.

We don’t want anything too formal. A lot of the modern but informal chairs either look too much like something from Beetlejuice for me, or too much like the plastic chairs you see in schools for Grimbil.  I’d really love to find some upholstered chairs with a cool pattern, but that is proving surprisingly difficult.

We could go for simple white leather and chrome, to go with the white and chrome theme in the kitchen. Something like this:


Or we could go for walnut from the same manufacturer as whichever table we pick. Perhaps something simple like this:





Decisions decisions: dining room table

For the past 3 Thanksgivings we’ve been bemoaning our lack of a proper dining room table. To be honest, we eat most of our dinners on the couch but we do also like to entertain. Having our friends huddle around the couch is getting old.

We know we want a table that is extendable. For everyday use we would want it to seat 6 people but for Thanksgiving and any other massive dinner party we’d love to be able to fit 10 or even 12.

We also know we want a wooden table. Walnut seems to be the best option for our decor.  It’s darker and warmer than oak but not as dark as wenge (the other popular options for dining rooms). So walnut it is.

We also want the table to have a bit of flair to it.

The contenders are:

1. The Omnia table

Pro: the legs are cool, and they remain at the corner of the table even when it’s extended
 Con: you can see the hardware when it’s extended, and it only seats 10


2. The Cinetic table

 Pro: The legs are even funkier than the Omnia, they stay at the corners, no hardware visible when extended, and it seats 12 people
 Con: We can’t see it in person before buying it  

Which will it be? I’ll leave you in suspense for now…


Beginning to Take Shape….

We had a busy weekend on the house front, complicated (pleasantly) by the super cute Otto von Turbodog. First up on Saturday afternoon was another trip to John Lewis where we were determined to purchase all of our major appliances: oven, microwave, dishwasher, hob (stove), extractor hood, and fridge. We were planning on getting a John Lewis credit card which would give us 6 months to pay off the purchases, but the line was too long so we bailed. We did, however, pick out all the units we wanted and left for home with a lot of serial numbers.

Once home we went online to find better prices and ended up saving about 300 quid by buying the Neff stove and combo stove/microwave units online. For the rest of the gear, we found cheaper prices than John Lewis on other sites, but having to take a small loan to pay for them rather than get 6 months interest free made it not worthwhile to look outside of JL.

So on Sunday we decided to divide and conquer. I had to go into the office for some last minute Ikea kitchen redesign and to pick up a giant 1000 foot spool of CAT 6 cable I bought off Amazon that we’ll be installing in the new home. Heather was off to John Lewis for the 3rd time to get the credit card and buy the appliances. We were then going to meet up in Balham to tape out the kitchen on the floor so we could decide if we really wanted an island and if there would be space.

Houston, we have an extension!

Unfortunately, Heather got delayed by some very slow service at John Lewis and I ended up in Balham by myself as she went home to make sure Otto could take a wee outside (He lasted 5 hours, not bad little fella!). So I was on my own in Balham, stressed out and facing some apparently incorrect measurements resulting in a messed up kitchen plan. On the verge of panic, I called a couple of friends and soon my football manager, Jade, showed up to give me a second set of eyes on the place. Our neighbor Paul was around outside so he came in as well.

Facing the front window, from the left: dishwasher, sink, and a floor cabinet. Then a larder unit, a tall cab with oven/microwave units, a floor cabinet, the hob (stove), another floor cabinet and finally the fridge

Between the 3 of us we came up some some contingency plans for the messed up kitchen, moving the dishwasher to the other side of the sink and removing a storage closet that would push too far into the dining room area. We also determined we’d need to move some components of the electrical meter so it can reside in a cabinet under the oven, but hopefully it won’t be much of a problem.

Paul opens the imaginary fridge.

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, but Heather had the real camera!

Having extra eyes and brains on a project helps immensely. Thanks Paul and Jade!

Things are definitely progressing quickly….but one month to go and a lot of stuff still to do. Keep your fingers crossed!