Living room pic

Sorry for the lack of posting, but we still don’t have internet at home.  However, we do have a pretty nice living room:

This is not the final iteration; most of the furniture will eventually be replaced (excepting the Barcelona chair) and we’ll add some area rugs (the tile is a bit cold and hard for Otto).  Still, looks good!

The house 1 week ago

Last week I stopped by for a chat with the builders and also snapped some pix:

The kitchen is coming along nicely. Ignore the blue, it’s just protective coating.

The floor is mostly installed, and the plastering is mostly finished.

The house 2 weeks ago

As usual I’ve been rather dog-focused, to the neglect of the house part of this blog. Fortunately Affleck has been steadily making progress.

The bifold doors are in, and the builders sent us a pic to show us how aweseome they are. I think the extension looks great!

At the other end of the house, the new front window was put in. So much nicer than the original, which was surrounded by cheap white plastic

The underfloor heating was put in.  Otto is going to love it this winter!

And our flooring finally arrived (the delivery guy forgot to put it on the truck, so it was delayed for a bit. GRRRR), as did all of our kitchen appliances.

Our floor tiles

Our mountain of kitchen appliances