Our tash-tastic foyer

Those of you who know Grimbil know that he loves his facial hair. He regularly participates in various moustache and beard contests. His latest was a pro-longed Movember, in which he grew a very respectable handlebar tash.


So, when searching for a way to add some personality to our foyer, moustaches seemed an obvious theme.  We started with what we are calling the Tash-mat

Then, in my quest for the perfect curtains for to hide our messy shelves, I found this geometric-moustache- trellis pattern.

The drycleaners stitched it up into curtains

And voila, our tash-tacular foyer!


And you thought we were done with curtains….

Ha! Here at Old Glory we (I mean yours truly) are never done obsessing about random house details. Be glad I didn’t regale you with how perfectly our new bath mat matches the color scheme in the loo.

So, a while ago Grimbil fitted some shelves above the washer and dryer in our foyer. These shelves go through varying degrees of organization, usually more on the horribly messy end of the spectrum. For a while we’ve been talking about putting up some curtains to hide the shelves.

20130217-232353.jpgThe foyer shelves on a good day

So, this weekend’s obsession was finding the exactly perfect fabric for the foyer shelves. How obsessed can we be? Oh honey.

Hours spent trying to find **anywhere** online in the UK that sells good quatrefoil fabric. By good I mean something like this:

Not something like this:

But clearly I don’t know the right websites. Or search terms. So, cue the last resort: actually going in person and physically looking for some good fabric. It didn’t even have to be quatrefoil, just something clean and modern and graphic.

But no joy.

So, I turned to Spoonflower, a website that has been taunting me. It’s basically Etsy specifically for fabrics and wallpaper. The bummer is that it’s based in the US, so hello extra shipping charges. But oh the awesome fabrics. Hello quatrefoil-ish mustaches!


Inspiration: foyer organization

Awhile ago Grimbil greatly improved our foyer by building shelves for it (which one day he might post about). Having somewhere to keep our laundry supplies, shopping bags, etc organized has been a huge plus. However, we still need a better way to store our coats and hats. Currently we have a cheap over-the-door coatrack which some clever person hung over our banister when we first moved in over a year ago. It doesn’t look good, and you have to walk through the foyer to the middle of the living room to get to it.  We’ve been keeping an eye out for interesting options and we have a couple of ideas percolating.

Inspiration 1, courtesy of Design Within Reach (which of course means it’s rather spendy):

Limited edition Eames Hang-it-all in walnut, for purses, scarves, hats


The Twist coat rack for coats
the Twist coat rack for coats

Inspiration 2, courtesy of SCP (which doesn’t make it any cheaper):

Grimbil could make something like this, but with cool vintage-y doornobs etc, for hats, scarves, whatnot


Two of these for coats, in a nice dark cherry, to go in the corner