Home sweet home

We’re back in London! Although the animal life is less exotic, it’s still plenty cute.  Here’s how Otto greets us when he comes home from daycare:

Otto’s home! from Grimbil on Vimeo.

Now that the Africa adventure is over, we’ll be switching gears to focus on our upcoming renovations. So, if you want to hear about scaffolding and paint colors, stay tuned!

It’s Otto’s birthday!

The birthday boy

Happy birthday Otto! Today Otto turns two, which means he is officially an adult dog. But with his sweet face and silly antics, he’ll always be a puppy to us.

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Weight: 32 lb/14.5 kg

Length (nose to tail): 44 in /111.76 cm

Height when four paws are on the ground: 19.5 in / 49 cm

Height when standing on his hind legs: 32 in /81 cm , although if he has his nose in the air add another 3 inches/ 7.62 cm, which is juuuust about kitchen counter height

Favorite foods: turkey, tripe, liver

Favorite place to take a walk: Richmond Park

Favorite game: Find it!

Likes: digging,  cuddling,  licking Grimbil’s face, going to Bruce’s Doggy Day Care, visiting our neighbors Paul & Diana, and destroying cardboard objects

Otto vs a cardboard tube. Warning: contains barking and growling

Dislikes: loud noises, unfamiliar objects

Quirks: sometimes he makes a rumbling sound when we’re petting him, kinda like he’s purring

Naughty habit: digging up the bulbs in the garden


Our new lights / Otto’s new toy

Otto stretches to reach the top, ignoring the Fragile tag

A while ago we finally ordered the pendant lights to go over the kitchen island. We don’t have a doorman, so anything that can’t fit through the mail slot is delivered to our office (handy that we work for the same company). So this ginormous box has been sitting by Grimbil’s desk for quite some time.

We finally brought the box home last week, much to Otto’s delight. In his world anything made of cardboard is a chew toy.  He was a great help in opening the box — from the bottom up.

Grimbil tries to save the box from Otto’s jaws of death

Despite its size the box is actually really light, so light in fact that Otto was hoisting it completely into the air with his mouth in order to get a better chewing angle. Hopefully we’ll have an upcoming post with pictures of our new lights — without bite marks….

Happy birthday Otto!

Today is Otto’s first birthday, and it’s hard to believe how much he has grown.

From this

Otto at 8 weeks

to this

Otto attempting a show dog pose

We like to call him the prince of the common (common being a park) because literally every time we take him for a walk on the common, other dog owners comment on how gorgeous he is. And he definitely is a handsome dog!

He has been such a good boy, quickly picking up housetraining, only destroying his toys or cardboard boxes, and getting along well with other dogs (cats are another matter).  He is also officially a doggy genius according to his IQ test.

He is a wonderfully sweet and cuddly dog.  We picked him primarily because he clearly loved Grimbil, as seen in the video below, and to this day this is still how Otto greets Grimbil in the morning (Otto is the puppy on top).

As you can probably tell from this blog, we are absolutely smitten with Otto, and now we can’t imagine life without him. Thank you Helen and Janet for giving us such a wonderful dog!

Better late than never…

Ok, I know Christmas is long gone, even if you include Jan 6, but Otto insists that I share the photos from our holiday photo shoot. He doesn’t want to have sat through that torture for nothing.

"Don't worry Otto, this won't take long. Now where's your Santa hat?"
"All I want for Christmas is to get rid of this hat"

We are still in the process of sending out our cards (I guess they’ll be “Happy winter” cards?) but they were too cute to keep to ourselves.

So, a belated happy holidays from all of us to all of you!

Ho ho ho!

Winter wonderland

Our street this morning

Winter has officially come to London — it has snowed every day this week. I was curious to see how Otto would handle the snow. Other doxie owners have tales of their hounds refusing to set foot outside in inclement weather, which as you can imagine isn’t so good for the housetraining.

So far Otto loves the snow. It allows him to dig pretty much everywhere, so he’s actually spending more time in the garden than before. We’ll see what happens when the snow gets deep enough to reach his bits and pieces (which won’t take much).

Neither rain nor snow shall deter Bruce’s doggy day care, and it looks like they are having loads of fun. Bruce kindly shared several videos, but my absolute favorite for sheer wackiness is the sledding video.

Otto is easy to spot since he bounces into the foreground in the beginning, and you can follow the plume of his tail the rest of the time. Although I don’t envy Bruce and Jo the time spent in the cold, looks like they are definitely keeping themselves (and the dogs) amused.

Every dog has his role in the pack: alpha, beta, omega, etc. Otto’s role is “puppy hot water bottle.” I wonder  which Greek letter that is? Evidently his preferred apres-ski activity is to lie in front of the heater soaking up the heat and letting the other puppies pile on top of him.

Otto and Rio